Introducing the World’s Most

Powerful B12 Shots

Nearly painless self-injection
process gives you B12 shots
without a visit to the
doctor’s office.

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Powerful, Convenient & Affordable

Our exclusive B12 shots are up to 7 times stronger than regular B12 shots, delivered directly to you and cost a fraction of what a doctor’s office charges.

B12 Replenisher
Powerful Natural Vitamin B12
6 shots a kit
$19.99 per shot
  • 3 times stronger than other B12 shots
  • Non-Stimulant Energy Booster
Lipo-B12 Energizer
Lipotropic Fat Burner Complex
7 shots a kit
$24.99 per shot
  • 5 times stronger than other B12 shots
  • Powerful Lipotropic Fat Burners
  • Exclusive Long Acting B12
B12-Rapid Burner
Exclusive Cellular Energy Booster
8 shots a kit
$29.99 per shot
  • 7 times stronger than other B12 shots
  • Strongest Lipotropic Fat Burners
  • Enhanced Absorption B12 formula

Nearly Painless Self-Injector

Save a trip to the doctor's office with the nearly painfree self-injection process!

How does it work?

Nearly Painless Self-Injection System is an easy 3 step process.

Simply tear open the vacuum-sealed pouch and pull out the syringe and capped safety needle.

Place the prefilled syringe into the Self-Injector.

Place the Self-Injector on the body, press the button and within seconds you will feel refreshed and energized.

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