Nearly Painless Self-Injector

Save a trip to the doctor's office with our nearly painless self-injection process!

Self-Injection System

The nearly painless self-injection process uses a unique self-injection device. The devices utilizes a pain reducing design to deliver precise doses of Vitamin B12 and supplements just below the skin, providing a less painful experience.

The device uses a micro-needle that is half the size of normal injection. The thinner an injection needle is, the less pain it causes.

Self-Injection Device & Pre-filled Shots

How does it work?

Nearly Painless Self-Injection System is an easy 3 step process.

Each injection comes in its own individually prefilled package capped for safety and easy insertion in the Self-Injector. Simply tear open the vacuum-sealed pouch and pull out the syringe and capped safety needle.

Place the prefilled syringe into the Self-Injector. The syringes are specially designed for use with the Self-Injector and the thin needle gauge provides a less painful experience.

Place the Self-Injector over a fatty tissue area on the body (stomach, arm or thighs) and then gently press the one-touch button on the Self-Injector and within seconds you will be feeling refreshed and energized.

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