About Persona Doctors B12Rx.com

Persona Doctors B12Rx.com is the affiliated online virtual clinic of persona-doctors.com, that offers energy and weight loss injections through a nearly pain-free self-injector device. These injections are only available through our licensed medical staff whom provide through an interactive online session.

The target audience is people seeking a natural boost of energy that lasts for day, without sugar or caffeine. The ideal consumers are gym buffs, professionals working long hours (pilots, airline stewardess, police, military, etc.) and those trying to lose weight and detoxify their bodies. The nearly painless self-injector device is specifically designed for people who are afraid of needles or who have never injected themselves before.

About Persona Doctors®

Persona Doctors is a practice of medical doctors and other healthcare professionals with decades of experience and thousands of satisfied patients. Our state-of-the-art medical clinics are staffed by experts who specialize in the treatment of obesity, hormonal imbalances and related disorders.

We are experienced, licensed professionals who have continuously met the changing needs of an overweight and aging population, without resorting to fads or gimmicks. We are providers of modern medicine’s most advanced products and services from industry leaders that share core values of quality care and the best standards.

The Persona Doctors business model follows a strict set of medical protocols that provides our patients with customized therapies to meet their changing needs. Persona Doctors is able to deliver on its core promise of quality patient care and convenience through diversified facilities and decades of combinded medical experience, whcih include:

  • Medical Clinics — Maryland and Virginia
  • Medical Laboratory (CLIA Certified)
  • Specialized Compounding Pharmacy

To learn more about Persona Doctors please visit persona-doctors.com.

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